Wednesday, October 23, 2013

THE BIG 4!!!

Being a parent is a weird thing,  there are days where i can't believe i have a 4 year old and other days when i think i've always had him around. Either way i am glad he is MINE!
Asher's favorite things
1. Food- Meat sandwich with white cheese 
2. color- green
3. game to play- Indiana Jones
4. whats your favorite thing to do- go to the park
5. person to play with- isaac (his cousin)
6. super hero- batman, superman

Things Asher is good at- 
video games, playing with his brother, preschool, spelling his name, making connections of letters in all words, riding his bike, sleeping, playing with friends, making up games, coloring and so much more

Asher is seriously awesome and has so many good qualities he is so sweet to his brother and always wants to play with him, he still jumps in his crib in the morning to play with him for like a half hour.  Asher has a very sweet side to him that makes him want to please the people around him (which makes disciplining him easy:))..
I am glad we have birthdays, so we can celebrate this amazing little boy!


  1. that's a great idea to have Asher hold his fingers you'll always know which birthday this picture is of! Love all the pictures...and they give a nice view of your kitchen and family room!

  2. I sure love that kid!!! Happy Birthday Asher!