Tuesday, September 3, 2013

ONE one ONE ONE one!!!

Jayce Rockwell Fewkes is ONE!!!! He is the most adorable, fun, awesome little boy ever!!
 Above are pictures or jayce from newborn to now, something i did for his party, sorry they didn't really turn out just now.

 Always fun watching a one year old open presents, or should i say their 3 year old brother :)

 we had a little party for jayce at the local park with some friends
it went pretty well i think/hope.  im sad i didn't get better pictures.
 A few things this cute boy does
-walks and doesn't crawl
-climbs if the opportunity presents itself
- it sounds like he has said - mommm, daddd, ash-er, jayce, thank-you, uh-oh, milk, hi
-he waves hi, and bye
-plays patty-cake
-climb stairs
-doesn't like to change his diaper, but will happily lay down if shoes are coming next 
-still takes two, 2hour naps and goes to bed around 7:30
-eats like a champ, he loves loves loves fruit 
-still the squirmiest kid in the world, only can be held for 1min before he wants down
-went on his first airplane ride and did ok, ruined one of my shirts from climbing all over it with his toes while looking at everyone behind us
-loves drinking from straws
-claps anytime someone says yeahhh
-he loves people and isn't afraid to go to them

we are so blessed to have him and love our little toddler:)

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  1. very cute jenni. Love the idea of the pictures hanging from your mantel!