Friday, December 6, 2013


A little update... (a little long and full of pictures)
a couple weeks ago Donnie and i went to lake Tahoe for the weekend for a little get a way with out the kids!!
it was awesome, we didn't do anything adventurous or anything, but we did relax and have a good time together.  it probably had been 3 years since we have done something like this, far to long of a wait!!
 Neither of us had been to Hard Rock cafe, so this was fun!
 Before thanksgiving, we decorated our door for the holidays:)
 both my boys love DRINKS, neither of them seem to get brain freezes, they are crazy :)
 For a long time Asher would tell you that he loved Lego's and played them, that usually meant on the computer or a video game, for his birthday back on October, he got an iron man guy and carries it around everywhere, so this is a very fitting picture of his likes!!
Jayce is getting bigger and bigger by the day.  he climbs on everything, and now is trying to jump off everything.  he can get up my fireplace seating area, and our kitchen chairs (which are the high ones) he can no long be left unattended at anytime!!

i have started to try my hand at photography.  i really enjoy it and would love to be really good one day, this was one of my first shots (above), i love it sun and all.
the next few are some that i have done, still need to practice that's for sure!  


i hope no one minds i used them for this blog!
This last one is my parents!! they came for thanksgiving, (I'll post about that another day), i want everyone to see who i came from lol, i love them and glad i got to take a few quick pics for them even if it was right in our front yard!! 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

THE BIG 4!!!

Being a parent is a weird thing,  there are days where i can't believe i have a 4 year old and other days when i think i've always had him around. Either way i am glad he is MINE!
Asher's favorite things
1. Food- Meat sandwich with white cheese 
2. color- green
3. game to play- Indiana Jones
4. whats your favorite thing to do- go to the park
5. person to play with- isaac (his cousin)
6. super hero- batman, superman

Things Asher is good at- 
video games, playing with his brother, preschool, spelling his name, making connections of letters in all words, riding his bike, sleeping, playing with friends, making up games, coloring and so much more

Asher is seriously awesome and has so many good qualities he is so sweet to his brother and always wants to play with him, he still jumps in his crib in the morning to play with him for like a half hour.  Asher has a very sweet side to him that makes him want to please the people around him (which makes disciplining him easy:))..
I am glad we have birthdays, so we can celebrate this amazing little boy!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


i hosted a baby shower for my friend krisia.  we had a little photo station for people to take fun pictures at.  
these are all the prego people who attended our party!! krisia is in blue/green.

 Besties lol
 Feeding ducks, there were a million.  jayce was nervous!!
 Celebrating donnie at Texas Road house!
 Donnies bday

Ashers First day of preschool!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

ONE one ONE ONE one!!!

Jayce Rockwell Fewkes is ONE!!!! He is the most adorable, fun, awesome little boy ever!!
 Above are pictures or jayce from newborn to now, something i did for his party, sorry they didn't really turn out just now.

 Always fun watching a one year old open presents, or should i say their 3 year old brother :)

 we had a little party for jayce at the local park with some friends
it went pretty well i think/hope.  im sad i didn't get better pictures.
 A few things this cute boy does
-walks and doesn't crawl
-climbs if the opportunity presents itself
- it sounds like he has said - mommm, daddd, ash-er, jayce, thank-you, uh-oh, milk, hi
-he waves hi, and bye
-plays patty-cake
-climb stairs
-doesn't like to change his diaper, but will happily lay down if shoes are coming next 
-still takes two, 2hour naps and goes to bed around 7:30
-eats like a champ, he loves loves loves fruit 
-still the squirmiest kid in the world, only can be held for 1min before he wants down
-went on his first airplane ride and did ok, ruined one of my shirts from climbing all over it with his toes while looking at everyone behind us
-loves drinking from straws
-claps anytime someone says yeahhh
-he loves people and isn't afraid to go to them

we are so blessed to have him and love our little toddler:)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

vacation tine

the boys and i headed to texas!!  A bunch of my girlfriends i grew up with were getting together, also all my sisters were going to be in texas, so we had to go!
here are pictures of that awesome trip!!

 asher seriously asked to wear this night and day!

 a little slip n slide action


 my sister jacquie, who just had a baby!
 saw a couple movies one of them being PLANES
 splash park
 for a long weekend we headed to my sisters house in New Mexico.
she has a very kid friendly backyard!! sooo fun

 we had a little pre- birthday party for Jayce
WE always have a great time in texas! it was a little difficult to travel with 2, but we survived, if jayce wasn't such a wiggly kid life would have been easier, but all was fine!  Thanks to everyone who made this happen for us!!